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ARB Teak: Pad shower or bath

Teck Deck (Carpet / Tile Shower)
- Resistant bacteria
- Natural Finish
- Environmentally friendly and sustainable teak plantation
- No maintenance required
- Can be used in dry-wet conditions
- Very stylish and functional
- Strong and sturdy
Available in several sizes

Soap dispenser hands

Our soap dispenser pump has a square lever precision. Its clear finish and chrome adds a modern twist to your decor. It is easy to use with one hand, pressing slightly to get the right amount of soap every handwashing. Its compact size is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. Its wide mouth makes filling [...]

wall mount grocery bag dispenser

Our wall mount grocery bag dispenser mounts to the wall or inside a cabinet, storing bags for reuse. Easily tuck bags through the top opening for clutter-free storage. When ready to reuse, just pull one out of the wide dispensing slot in the front. Easy to install with screws or double-sided tape (both included).

Trash can

The domed lid, polished pedal and side handles provide a fun retro look and the kitchen trash. Modern features include a wide pedal made ​​of steel, designed to last and our closing lid provides silent every time. Available in several sizes and finishes including: bright red, stainless steel, white and black. Note that each bin [...]

Sink caddy

Our sink caddy keeps your sink area neat and everything you need within easy reach. Four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger provide a secure, non-slip grip on your sink. Elevated plastic dividers store and organize sponges separately while numerous venting holes maximize airflow to help them dry quickly minimizing bacteria growth.